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Terz ink offers both fantastic design and high quality screen printing for apparel.

Graphic Design
Award winning graphics and a grand philosophy that strong design leads to strong sales means that we create only the best imagery for apparel. To put it into simpler terms, we don't give our clients ugly. Take a look over at at the design gallery for a look at just a small sampling of our past work. How much does it cost to hire us? If planning on ordering the prints through Terz ink the designs tend to be free!

Screen Printing
Screen printing is the preferred method for printing a design on muliple pieces of apparel in a consistant manner. Terz ink provides screen printed apparel to suit your needs. The design expertise of Terz, ink. combined with quality printing set us apart.

Looking for something a little classier? Embroidery can be used on any style of garment and it looks more professional, on polos and hats especially. Contact us today for a quote.

Indianapolis Design & Screen printing
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