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What is the minimum order size?

15 pieces per design.


What makes Terz INK different?

We actually care. We care about your design. We care about your apparel. We care about you because what you wear is a reflection on ourselves. Plus, it's boring printing ugly stuff.

How do I place an order with Terz INK? 

You can either give us a call at 317.759.4657 or drop us an email. Emails tend to be better because you can write out exactly what you want to order and it's all written down so nothing gets missed. We will be in contact very shortly thereafter to discuss your needs. The more information you can provide the better help we can be. Eventually, we will need to know what type of apparel(s) are needed, what colors, sizes, and the designs for the job to be done.

Put simply, how does screen printing work?

Screen printing is a process of printing where ink is forced through a mesh 'screen' and onto the material that is being printed. Though the process is used to print on numerous surfaces and materials, we focus on apparel prints and apparel specific inks. Here are the steps on what the process entails so as to give an understanding of why the process takes time and a well trained professional to do it. Anyone can print a shirt, not everyone can print it correctly:


​Every good print starts with good artwork, not just in design but with craft as well. Bad or unprepared artwork means a bad print and no one wants that. High resolution artwork, sharp imagery, and spot on lines and dots make for quality artwork. Terz, Ink. takes care of this step for any client to ensure the best quality and service so no worries. If you've got your own artwork and are unsure of the quality, email it to us and we will be happy to help with it.


At this stage, a clean screen is coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion. That emulsion, which goes on wet but soon dries, will hold the artwork onto the mesh. A 'screen' of screen printing consists of what looks like a picture frame with a stretched piece of mesh across the face. Usually the holes in the mesh are so small that it's nearly impossible to tell they even exist. In the past the screen mesh was made of silk and so the term 'silk screen' came to be. Today they are usually made of polyester a material that is more versatile to the industry.

The artwork is 'burned' onto the coated screen because of the photo-sensitivity of the emulsion. High resolution imagery and an understanding of the relationship between the artwork and the screen are crucial in ensuring a proper print later.


Once the screens are prepared with the correct artwork, they are taken to press. If a design calls for multiple colors, say 3 as an example, then there will be 3 screens; each representing a single color. The screens are attached to the press in a manner that will ensure the proper print. There is no by-the-book process for the setup and everyone has their own method which is why it takes someone with skill and an understanding of the process to print correctly for the product to be perfect.


Once set up is finalized (registered), the inks are applied to their respective screens and print tests are run. Once the print is absolutely positively printed perfectly, the order can begin. When printing, a squeegee literally forces ink through the holes created from the artwork in the screen and onto the apparel. This is where it becomes obvious whether or not the artwork was created correctly; if it wasn't the print will look incorrect. For a perfect print, we only accept perfect artwork!

What sorts of apparel do you guys print on?

Check out the apparel page to see! Of course, we can print or embroider almost anything so long as we can order it from the suppliers. If you have something in particular in mind, send us a link to it, we can most likely get it for you.

How long does it take to print and receive an order?​

The time from the client giving the go ahead with an order to that order being completed is 2 weeks, the industry standard. This is ample time to make sure the apparel you want is in stock and deliverable as well as making sure there is enough time to go to press WITH the correct artwork for a proper print. Terz, Ink. doesn't take shortcuts, we get it done right or we don't do it at all. That being said, rush ordering is still available.

What about shipping?

Generally, orders are either picked up from us or we deliver them. We'll deliver if within a reasonable distance of Indianapolis. Sometimes we'll just do it to say hi! If they need to be shipped, which is not a problem, then that can be arranged.

How do I pay and when?

Terz Ink requires that half of the order be paid for up front as a deposit for the apparel purchase and setup. The remainder of the payment is due upon pickup unless otherwise arranged. We can also accept Purchase Orders from reputable institutions like schools, churches, businesses, and any most any other entity. We accept most major credit cards as well.


Can I get a sample shirt printed up?

Terz Ink offers free digital proofs. If a physical proof is required than those can be ordered as well. Physical proofs are $25 a color per location, plus the cost of the garment.

What if I need to cancel an order?

Though Terz Ink takes every step to avoid them, we understand things need to be cancelled from time to time. What generally happens is that the deposit will be returned after the costs of canceling the order have been filled. The sooner we know to cancel, the better. A few gears begin turning once an order is accepted. Firstly, the apparel is ordered from the supplier and shipped to us for printing. If those pieces need to be returned to the supplier they charge anywhere from 15% - 25% of the apparel order total for them to restock those pieces, plus the return shipping. Also, if special inks are ordered or setup has already begun, then that cost must be included as well. Once those costs are subtracted, the remainder of the deposit will be returned, or if a purchase order was formed then that amount will be billed. It's a head ache, we know, and it's no fun which is why we strive to communicate as best we can with our clients so this doesn't happen.

Have more questions?  Shoot us an email or Just drop us a line at 317.759.4657.

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