Jon Terzini / Graphics. Design. Illustration

The United Way.

The United Way of Whitewater Valley has a program called 'More Than Words' which is a community outreach effort aimed at young adolescents. Each month a new word with a definition is selected and presented in classrooms, clubs, and elsewhere in the community. Teachers will theme their month around these words and share it with the youth.


I have been working with The United Way for the past few years creating material that spans from postcard sized pieces that get passed out to teachers, to stickers that the kids get handed if they do something that relates to that month's word. From billboards to storefront windows to simple Facebook banners, these designs are spread all over. We've created a new system each year that is unique for that period but similar enough to relate with past yearly designs. This keeps the program moving forward while tying it up at each year's end.